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How to choose your merchant service provider

by Jun 5, 2020Merchant Services, Online Payments, Retail, Strategy Planning0 comments

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Step one cancel big box provider. Step to contact a reputable MSP. There are plenty of providers to troll through the internet endlessly looking for a solution that most likely doesn’t exist. Sometimes its hard to even determine what kind of solution you really need, maybe its equipment motivated, maybe you have a certain clientele that use particular types of cards, perhaps you operate remotely…there isn’t a perfect solution that would work the same in every environment. Thats why it is important to choose a provider that can offer the correct payment solution, not just with low rates but with the ability to process on the go, in the office, or online with the correct equipment no matter what the need.

Security and support are also imperative to making a decision, make sure that whomever you choose can validate their security breech methods and operate with the latest in technology to prohibit illegitimate business. Also you want a company with excellent service that can handle any issues 24/7. Who wants to be placed on hold for an hour during the lunch rush, who wants to blindly throw an email to an info box on a website if you have a funding issue only to get a response a month later. Big box providers just can’t offer the level of service because of the amount of volume they handle, they also offer only a few equipment solutions that most commonly don’t handle all of your needs, and most importantly they operate under fixed pricing designed to be easy for you to read and understand but most commonly not cost effective.

We suggest a company like Flow Charitable Merchant services out of the Los Angeles and Ventura County area as they offer excellent custom solutions and with 95% customer retention they have a proven track record of proving their services.
If you’re curious about saving money or want to find out where your specific threshold is for switching processors, contact us and we’ll give you the details.

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