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“When it comes to merchant service the task at hand can seem daunting, Im here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.  Past experiences shouldn’t keep you away from an independent MSP/ISO.  After all they can provide better rates and better service depending on the one you choose.

Flow Merchants is a great choice for your processing needs.  They wanted to provide an open book policy where nothing is hidden and wanted to offer fair honest rates that are lower than any cookie cutter big box provider can offer all while giving the customer an all around better experience.  If you have been excepting credit cards as a form of payment for any amount of time you know there can be issues that arise that are quite frankly out of all of our hands and left to the CC companies and the banks, funding issues, equipment malfunctions, technical glitches etc…they wanted to be the company you can lean on to know that we will go to bat for you to get things taken care of correctly and efficiently.  Plus we saw an opportunity to give back to the community.  With the ability to integrate custom payment solutions they came up with a way all parties could give back to the charity of their choice in a manner that would almost be unnoticeable, so that you the merchant wouldn’t feel the pain of handing over a portion of your hard earned money.  They came up with the give 2 get one program.  Allowing the merchant to control how much they want to donate a portion at a time and Flow will match every 2 pennies donated with 1!
At the end of the day you want a dependable, efficient, and cost effective processor a processor that has the support to handle any equipment needs, lower your overall operating cost, and be there for you if any issues pop up.  It is a wise choice to choose a company like Flow Merchants to ensure that it happens, put money back in your pocket and your community!

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