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Online Ordering

If your brick and mortar could use a boost let us enable your shopping cart on your website or start taking online orders for pickup or delivery to help continue driving traffic to your business. Talech for restaurant and converge or auth.net for ecom. Perhaps we can make the products clickable?

Touch Free/Contactless Payment

Get the latest POS systems that are enabled with contactless payment methods and help limit your businesses and clients to potential exposures. Talech, poynt, ingenico products.

Digital Invoice

Send digital invoices directly to client eliminating contact all together and simplify capturing payment at the same time.

Mobile Payments

No cash, no problem!
Accept payments on the go anywhere and at anytime on any mobile device.

Online Billing/Invoicing

Need to send an invoice to a customer.
Or set up automatic billing. We have you covered.

Card Present Payment

Accept credit, gift cards, and mobile payments easily with your current system or select from our vast selection of POS systems for any business.


Want to add or update your website with a shopping cart? We offer customers payment solutions for all applications. No need to use Shopify or Amazon and pay high rates and fees.
We are happy to unveil Talech Mobile-the easy to setup smartphone application of our best selling point of sale software
introducing the Moby/5500- mobile payments made simple and secure

What sets us apart?.
We custom tailor payment solutions that work best for you and your business while saving you time, headache, and money!
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Payment Gateways

FCMS has a host of Payment Gateways Making your E-commerce experience seamless

Mobile Solutions

Swipe on your phone or tablet on the go


Converge is changing the CC processing world one business at a time

Software that doesn't sleep

No matter the business we have software that can help

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments online with a virtual shopping cart or check out option.

Hardware begins here

Take face to face payments, at the counter, table or curbside.


Free Analysis

We will perform a cost analysis of your current processor for FREE! By scrutinizing every last detail of your current provider and reviewing each and every card type you accepted we are able to show our clients a savings 95% of the time while enabling them with tools that help streamline their workflow. Take a few minutes to tell us about yourself below and see how we can better your business today!

Excellent Support

Flow believes in putting the customer first and offers a high level of service with 24/7 live un-outsourced human interaction, a self service portal to keep tabs on your accounting needs, a PCI compliance team, and a world class training team to help you get started using your solutions whatever they might be.

Strategy Planning

Need the necessary tools to make getting paid easier, need help with taking your business online, need help marketing or branding your business, we have all the tools to help get you paid more efficiently, and help scale your business for growth!

Charitable Donations

We love to give back! That is our added value. Our Give 2 Get 1 optional charitable contribution program allows our clients the opportunity to give back to their favorite charities. Find out how by…


We believe that the customer comes first and deserves a higher level of service. Everyday we strive to do exactly that! Stop wasting time with high markups and ridiculous fees with your current processor.

Flow Merchants was created to help ensure your business’ success by adding value through our simple, inexpensive, open book solutions for anyone. At the same time we wanted to give back to the community. Together we can help your business and those in need one transaction at a time.


Easy Choice

Easy Choice

When it comes to merchant service the task at hand can seem daunting, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Past experiences shouldn’t keep you away from an independent MSP/ISO. After all they can provide better rates and better service depending on the one you choose

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